Terms and Conditions

Toys can be kept for up to 111 days but must be checked out for at least 2 weeks and all toys brought back before exchanging for new ones.

Toys need to be returned in the condition it was checked out; lost, broken, or otherwise unreusable returned toys not due to normal wear and tear will incur a replacement cost equal to the retail value (MSRP) of the toy.

Non-plastic bath/sand toys, such as those from Hape and Plan Toys cannot be left soaking in water. Soap and sand residue need to be rinsed and left to dry after each bath/play session.

If a toy comes in contact with blood or feces, parent/guardian needs to pay for replacement of the toy (MSRP value).

Funbee inspects and sanitizes toys before delivering to parents/guardians, but it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to give the final inspection to the toys and determine safety each time before giving them to the child and to supervise the child during their use. As such, the parent/guardian releases Funbee Toys, LLC of any liability from accidents, choking, death, or other mishap or incidents from using the toys or any part of the subscription service.

Implied consent for photos to be taken at Funbee events unless notified in writing or confirmed verbally.