Our Mission and the Process

Our mission is to make quality toys affordable and accessible while building community.

QUALITY: All our toys are made without PVC, BPA, phtalates, or lead. The companies use environmentally friendly practices, such as through the use of sustainably produced wood, recycled plastic, and water based colors.

AFFORDABILITY: Funbee's reasonably priced memberships make it affordable for most families. For families that qualify for WIC, there's a discounted low income membership. In addition, funds will be raised for a Free Membership Fund through donations, sponsorships, raffles, and fundraisers.

ACCESSIBILITY: Our online catalog allows easy access to our toy library for browsing and placing orders. Those without computer access can request that we choose age appropriate toys for them. Payments can be made online or in person.

COMMUNITY: In person pick-ups offer you opportunities to connect with other families over a cup of coffee while the children play, people watch, or have a snack. The Funbee Toys Facebook page allow everyone to stay updated on Funbee happenings, post comments, write reviews, and share  pictures/videos.