1.  Aren't all toys being sold safe?

Unfortunately, many conventional toys have been found to contain toxins, such as harmful materials in the plastics, formaldehyde in pressed wood, chemical dyes, and lead in the paint.

2.  How do you sanitize the toys?

We wipe down toys with a vinegar and water solution or wash with eco-friendly dish soap, then air dry in wire baskets/shelves before placing in clean, cotton bags laundered with 7th Generation detergent or clean Sterilite/food grade plastic containers.

3.  What if my child breaks a toy or loses a toy/piece?

If a toy is lost or broken so that it can't be reused, the MSRP value of the toy is charged. However, if you wind up finding the toy within 30 days, we will refund your money. A missing piece that isn't vital to the function of the toy will not be charged.

4.  Do I need to clean the toys before returning them to you?

It is not necessary to sanitize them, but please return them in the condition that it was checked out, dry and free of markings or debris, such as dirt, sand, and stuck on food. For bath toys, please rinse off soap before drying.

5.  Can I return only part of the checked out toys while keeping others for longer?

No. You may keep the toys as long as you like before returning but all must be returned at the same time.  However, you may borrow the same toy again.

6.  Can I buy a toy that my child wants to keep?

Yes. Toys may be purchased for 15% off the MSRP price. Please email us if you are interested in doing so.

7.  Where do you get the toys from? Are they used/donated?

All the toys are purchased NEW from suppliers of Haba, Plan Toys, Hape, Green Toys, Begin Again, Tegu, Kid O and Moluk.