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Brain-strengthening, eco-friendly toys to kindle your child’s imagination—at a tiny sliver of the retail cost

Attention Parents and Grandparents in The Greater Sacramento Area and Surrounding Communities

Now you can keep your child excited and entertained with fresh new toys! Take a toy for as long as you need it, and then exchange it for a different one as your child develops new interests and ages into new abilities.

Made of the highest quality materials and designed to encourage imaginative play, these toys are…

  • Made of environmentally friendly materials such as sustainable wood, recycled plastic, and water-based colors

  • Guaranteed NOT to contain PVC, BPA, phthalates, or lead

  • Designed by early education specialists who know the importance of the right kind of play

  • Far more affordable—AND eco-aware—than the usual buy-to-own model

  • Supporting an independent, mom-owned local business

  • Building YOUR network of friends by putting you in touch with other parents and grandparents of young children in your area who share your values (you’ll meet each other as you gather together to pick up and exchange toys)

A professional nanny based in Davis, Diane Mau used to take her own kids to a local toy lending library. After that program closed, she started Funbee Toys so that children could experience the same pleasure and growth.

Please contact Diane, info@funbeetoys.com, to ask any questions, set up new pickup sites, or explore setting your nonprofit or not-for-profit organization as a charity partner.

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